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6 Years Strong!

2020 marks the history of the world with and unprecedented pandemic that has flooded our population with panic. At the same time, this pandemic also brought with it new information, new challenges and new reasons to value life in general; the fact that we are alive is now valued more than ever!! 

At Appletower Title & Escrow we’ve adapted to this new normal while managing to stay strong in this ever-changing real estate market.  Important dates are still celebrated and cheered for, though.  June 14th marked our 6th amazing anniversary. 

This year, due to COVID restrictions, we had to celebrate with just our staff.  This means just one thing: that next year’s celebration will be twice as powerful as this year’s would have been!

A big THANK YOU to all of you who have trusted your closings to our AppleTower Family and we are blessed to have all of you as our valued clients. 

THANKS TO YOU, we exist and we will continue to celebrate many more years of existence!!

At AppleTower Title & Escrow you're always in our minds and during these tough times we're working hard to provide you not only with the best service, but the best tools in the industry to keep you going!

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