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We are looking for an amazing, fun, enthusiastic and experienced Title Closer to join our AppleTower Family! YES! WE ARE HIRING! If you're interested in this role, or know someone who would like to join our team, please send us an email at info@appletower.net and attach your resume!

Here are some details of our current job opening:


The candidate is responsible of performing all the duties of a Title Closer, which include the following:

  • Coordinating closings with Buyer, Seller, Attorney(s), Lender and Realtors

  • Preparation of final HUD-1, Closing Statement or Closing Disclosure for both Buyer and Seller

  • sides

  • Corresponding with all the parties involved in the transaction

  • Receipt, interpretation and execution of Lender’s Closing Instructions

  • Coordinating the closing location, date and time and executing mail-away closings, as applicable

  • Performing the closing with all parties and notarization of all documents

  • Scheduling the closing with Mobile Notary, if necessary

  • Obtaining funding authorization from the Lender, if applicable

  • Balancing escrow funds and disbursing checks

  • Sending all payments as provided in the final closing statement or equivalent

  • Posting wire transfers

  • Scanning all final closing documents into the title production system

  • Recording final documents

  • Transferring the file to post-closing for updates and final title policy typing

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